purchased from  S-5 Electronics

K-16LS 16 Watt per channel PP Amplifier


The K-16LS uses NOS 6005 Military spec GE JAN Pentodes in paralleled push pull pairs.

The input valves are 5670 double triodes. The first triode acts as a common cathode 'preamp' for the  main input valve, also in common cathode configuration. The third triode acts as a concertina (split load) phase splitter, with equal loads on the anode and cathode. The OPT's are connected in straight pentode mode, and Negative Feedback is incorporated from the secondary to the cathode of the second triode. The original OPT's were replaced with a spare set from the ELLA amplifier. Casework was from Hammond (and note the dinky handles on the sides courtesy of B&Q!).

The amp sounds better than it perhaps really should. As expected, replacing the small original OPT's with serious iron transforms (sorry) the sound, from bass shy to, yep, let's rock.

Pictures from the build :-

Completed Amp under test  - originally secured to wooden board provided in the Kit.

Subsequently Potentiometer and RCA input sockets removed from the circuit board and unit placed in the Hammond 16x8x3 aluminium chassis.



Original K-16LS OPT's. Note the size difference with the replacement 5K6 OPT's from the ELLA amplifier.

Serious iron needed for better bass response - night and day.




Test Bench - ASDA CD Player (brand new $30) with Coax digital out, feeding an 'oldie but goodie' Mission DAC5. Speakers are the utterly AMAZING Q-Acoustics 1010i - the most 'solid' speakers I have ever encountered.





Pictures of my son's new build K-16LS amp c/w tone control pre-amp section


Internal Layout                                 Ready for mounting the Transformers             Tone Control Wiring



FINISHED AMP - Superb !!